Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Silverdaddies videos, Jacob here.

I have this thing about getting fucked outdoors. I love silverdaddies videos . I just love the feel of the warm summer night air playing across my legs as a gay older man has me bent over filling my love hole with his hard, stiff probe.

A couple of summers ago I went on a road trip leaving Thunder Bay and heading west. I wanted to check out a few of the “hot” spots along the way and thought having a cowboy ride me would be a fantastic “notch in my pistol”…..giggle.

It was a fantastic trip and I had some very interesting encounters along the way, but most guys seem a bit reluctant to screw outdoors.

On the way back I stopped in Winnipeg and thought I would spend a few days and take in some of the friendly guys that grace that city.

Saturday night I had made arrangements with a local guy I met through Squirt to meet me in my room at the Marlborough Hotel. I love this old hotel located on the corner of Ellice and Smith Street

It’s kinda tired but still hangs on to the old charm – besides the rooms are reasonable and it’s really close to Gio’s located at the corner of York & Smith.

My date showed up around 8:30 p.m. and I invited him – wearing a tight little white mini dress, 5 inch platform heels and black fish-net stocking. From the initial expression on his face I thought his daddy would burst out of his pants and he would fuck me in the doorway as soon as he saw me.

Taking his hand I lead him in and had him sit in one of the chairs – I poured him and I a nice glass of wine before I sat down in front of him crossing my nylon clad long legs. As we talked he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering up and down legs and body. I could see the bulge in his pants getting larger and I was really wondering what kind of fuck he would be. Our conversation, of course, drifted nicely into how we like to screw. I explained to him how unbelievably horny I get after I have smoked a joint. To my utter delight he stood up and extracted this beautifully tailored dart from his pocket saying” well, looky what I’ve got here!"

We immediately sparked it up and it wasn’t long before I felt the warm mellow glow spreading through my body.

The feel of my legs rubbing against each other and the view of my date getting harder by the moment brought the slut out in me. Standing up I spread my legs before his face and started to gyrate my hips while rubbing my “pussy on a stick” and stoking the inside of my thighs. My date reached out and started to tongue the insides of my thighs and rubbing my ass with his hands. Groaning with rapture I lay back Silverdaddies and spread lube onto my hard “clitty” and started to stroke myself while writhing around Silverdaddies like a whore. He grabbed my hips and buried his face in between my thighs licking me while I continued to stroke myself with abandon.